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Travel Provider was founded in August 2007 by a retired military Non-Commissioned Officer, who loves travel, possesses a resourceful way of researching information and truly enjoys helping and personally assisting people. These three distinct aspects formulated into a life's pursuit and passion for self-employment and thus was it's foundation and birth.

Helping clients to enjoy the gift of travel throughout the year, the company offers clients professional and personalized consultation. Through knowledge and continuous training, the services are designed to improve the traveler's quality of life.

The company delivers reliable itineraries that are pleasing and perfect for the discerning traveler. Through preferred vendors, the product range includes luxury, family and group travel.

Travel Provider has a small and growing customer base, located in and around South Georgia and throughout the U. S. including private clients.

The company is owned by Monique Redman who has been involved in consulting, advising and coordination since 1998. She is well trained to own and manage the company, having previously worked as an administrator and logistics manager within the Armed Forces and the Federal Government.

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